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Marketers today navigate a complex set of options for ad serving, data management, measurement and creative to achieve their business objectives. To help marketers manage these needs seamlessly, the Tozex platform integrates with a variety of partners and technology providers to deliver streamlined solutions that are enhanced by the power of people-based measurement.

Building a broad and value-driven partner ecosystem through an open and API-enabled platform is critical for marketers. Tozex is committed to creating choice for marketers to use the platforms they want, while creating opportunities for partners to seamlessly blend people-based marketing solutions into their platforms.


Creative Partners

Paid search, rich media and video management solutions that drive real results.
Tozex creative partner integrations enhance existing workflows by programmatically sharing media plans, placements and tracking information with partners. This results in improved client experiences and faster campaign launch times. And since the integrations are seamless, there’s less risk for implementation errors that could lead to additional support overhead.


Paid Search

By using a Search Engine Management (SEM) tool, marketers can create paid search campaigns at scale and optimize campaigns with Tozex conversion and revenue data.

Tozex allows marketers to compare results across their media, and streamlines the workflow so that tracking is consistent across devices and media types. With Tozex, marketers can manage each section of their campaigns in the tool of their choice knowing that they will all remain seamlessly integrated throughout the process.


Video & Rich Media

Video and Rich Media Partners enable marketers to utilize people-based measurement from Tozex across more creative formats. This allows marketers to manage campaigns with the tool of their choosing. With Tozex, in addition to people-based measurement on impressions and clicks, marketers can see advanced creative metrics that cookie-based tracking pixels can’t provide.


Technology Providers

Integrations that put people first and provide real value for marketers.
Tozex enables our clients to work with a broad array of technology providers, from companies who specialize in Ad Verification and Privacy to those who focus on Measurement and Attribution.

We take partner integration seriously. Our new technology partners are evaluated not only on the strength of their product, but on their potential to bolster Tozex’ people-based measurement. We only integrate partnerships that deepen our reporting and broaden our ability to deliver valuable insights for marketers.


Campaign Lifecycle Partners

Streamlined digital planning, buying and reconciliation solutions.
Campaign lifecycle partners streamline digital planning, buying and reconciliation workflows. Each partner has integrated into the Tozex API set which allows agencies to plan and build media plans in their tool of choice. Media plans are pushed into Tozex for creative targeting and trafficking and partners can pull Tozex data back into their billing reconciliation systems.